The end of the day was approaching when we finally trundled over the ridge of the mountains we’d been ascending for the last couple hours. As the topographic map had hinted, awaiting us on the other side was a valley, filled with century-old ruins: aging foundations, still-standing mills, mine tailings covering the mountain walls.


If you look closely, you can see the mill which is the subject of this report to the bottom left, the foundations of an old house towards the center, and another, larger mill slightly to the right of center further back. As we descended into the valley, we were greeted by the Mastodon Mill:



If you ever find yourself here, I highly recommend setting aside at least half the day for this valley alone. Dusk came quickly, and there was a lot we couldn’t make it to before the sun set completely. Looking at the angle of the light on the mountain, we decided to make a run for the mill we’d spotted in the distance before the sun set and we were forced back to town.


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